Beautiful Beach House Living Room Ideas for Gold Coast Mansions

Just bought your dream home from GC Mansions? Want to have a breezy beach style living room without the need to buy a beachfront property? You can get all the ambience of a beach house by the bay with these beach style living room decorating ideas. It’s so easy to convert your living rooms.

Beach house living room ideas galore

Open and Airy

The walls and floors can use a sandy colour palette with touches of blue reminiscent of the surf and sea. Use an open layout and limit the furniture and accessories. The idea is to create an open and airy atmosphere similar to a beach house.

Cape Cod Ship Detail

Look for shiplap designs and decorations for the wall and furniture decors. You get that beach or coastal look similar to nautical or Cape Cod styles. Use wide, horizontal planks that evoke a sense of casual simplicity.


Have a completely white colour scheme with slim or streamlined furniture to connect to the outdoors. This beach house living room idea gives a sense of openness with a large window but minimalist interior. You can have pops of sea blue to give a beach atmosphere amidst all the white.

Pops of Colour

You can liven up a beach house living room idea with bright colours of coral. Aside from the coral colour, also have blotches of sand and sea colour. Bright colours abound so research other undersea colours available. The different colours will liven up the space and have elements of tropical fun.

Ocean Themed Accessories

Beach style aesthetics look better with accessories. Get some pieces of driftwood, painted seascapes, large boat models, seashells, and a wooden coffee table. Pair them with relaxed furniture and soft colour palettes. 

Small Beach Cottage Style

If you have a small living room space. Get creative with storage space, accessories, and equipment with some seascape. You can hang a surfboard on the wall as a beach house accessory that also serves as an additional shelf.

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