Gold Coast Mansions

Gold Coast Mansions: Things To Buy For Furnishing New Home

kitchen area with wooden interiors

Are you one of those people who are taking a giant leap from their life, such as buying a new home? As a newbie, you will need a list of things to consider. To keep yourself organised while you’re unpacking stuff into your new house, here is a list of things you’ll need to make…

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Gold Coast Mansions: Luxury Guest House Advantages

white living with dining area

Family, relatives, close friends, clients, colleagues, or simply guests; when these people come for a visit, the advantage of living in a luxury house is having a separate guest house. The guest house ensures that your guests are comfortable and have all they need while preserving the privacy of your bedrooms and other private areas. …

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Gold Coast Mansions: Modern and Cat-Friendly Home Ideas

woman in bed with two cats

Your cat is part of your family, so before moving into your new luxury home purchased from GC Mansions, why not turn it into a modern and cat-friendly home? It’s the nature of cats to crawl around small spaces or walk on elevated spots. They also love to have fun. Why not design your interiors…

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Just a Few Pool House Ideas for Gold Coast Mansions

luxury pool house

If you just bought a luxury house (preferably from GC Mansions) and it has a pool, but no pool house, or you’re not satisfied with the existing pool house, you can design your own pool house before you have it constructed (or renovated). Use our ideas as tips in designing your dream pool house. Have…

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Gold Coast Mansions: What is In a Maximalist Mansion?

luxurious living room with patterned walls and carpet

You’ve all heard or seen what minimalist can be – for instance, a minimalist luxury home, minimalist living room designs, or minimalist decoration ideas. But when a home becomes maximalist, what do you find inside? Are you thinking of super-large mansions of A-list stars such as Russel Crowe, Chris Hemsworth, and Hugh Jackman? Well, that’s…

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Gold Coast Mansion: Modern versus Contemporary Home Design

contemporary design kitchen and dining room

Many people think that the words ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ are the same or interchangeable, especially when it comes to home designs. When you look up both words in the dictionary, part of the description for contemporary carries the phrase, ‘modern.’ However, there’s a world of difference in home designs for modern or contemporary.  Modern Home…

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Gold Coast Mansions: Steps to Get Pre-Qualify for a Home Loan

bush and tree garden in front of a mansion

Some real estate companies – like GC Mansions – pre-qualify potential home buyers to assess how financially stable they are. Though the pre-qualification process is not a guarantee for loan approval, it can help the borrower understand whether they are a strong applicant or not. Sometimes the real estate company can help improve the buyer’s…

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Gold Coast Mansions: The Luxurious Life You Deserve

mansion with pool

Ever since we were little, we have always had a dream home. When you were ten, you most probably dreamt of having a huge swimming pool in the backyard. And when you got older, you wished you had a beautiful garden where you can finally sip that glass of wine peacefully. Even though our dream…

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