Gold Coast Mansions Can Become Post-Pandemic Investments

Home prices are down, and interest rates have levelled or are going down. These are two big reasons to purchase property on the Gold Coast to prepare them as future investments in a post-pandemic world. Real estate properties on the Gold Coast are now top-selling compared to other states in Australia. This is because of the serene lifestyle offered by the Gold Coast away from other more affected states by the pandemic.

High-end real estate experts

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The Gold Coast property hotbed

The Gold Coast is becoming a new hotbed for investors, especially from middle-class families from the locality, interstate, and even from abroad. Some of these families are looking for a better living environment away from densely populated areas as a result of the pandemic. Others are looking for better homes as work from home environments. Still, others are looking to invest in the future of a post-pandemic world, especially for interstate and foreign buyers looking to send their children to Queensland schools while living in well-established properties.

Many interstate buyers are mostly from Victoria and New South Wales. Foreign buyers are mostly from Asian countries such as Japan, Singapore, India, Malaysia, and South Korea.

Many of these middle-class families have become relatively wealthy or have considerable savings and were already planning to purchase property on the Gold Coast in 2020. Despite the pandemic, they chose to buy homes this year to take advantage of low home prices and to prepare their homes when they move in their families in 2021 or to invest for the future after the pandemic goes away.

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