Gold Coast Mansions: Luxury Guest House Advantages

Family, relatives, close friends, clients, colleagues, or simply guests; when these people come for a visit, the advantage of living in a luxury house is having a separate guest house. The guest house ensures that your guests are comfortable and have all they need while preserving the privacy of your bedrooms and other private areas. 

A guest house isn’t an extravagance, even for a large home. Whether it’s a separate house or an extension of the main house, a guest house has these advantages:


A guest house is the best option, especially for family or relatives who need to stay longer. The proximity of the guest house to the main home means that you can spend meals outdoors or anywhere in the main house while catching up on everything. If the guests need to relax and take it easy, they can do so in the guest house. The main home’s areas that need privacy will remain preserved as such.

Relaxing comfort for the guests

Since the guest house is like a residence, it can be filled with amenities such as a complete kitchen, complete home entertainment living room, and toilet and bath. You can choose a single floor house plan if ageing parents or in-laws need to visit, or you can add multiple bedrooms or bunkrooms in case children are involved.

Affordable luxury

If you decide to have a guest house built rather than just adding a few more guest rooms in the main house, these can be surprisingly affordable since they are small in size and only take up minimal space on your property. Before having a guest house constructed, check with your local building codes and homeowner’s association. There could be local regulations for additional structures within a property.

GC Mansions

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