Gold Coast Mansions: Modern and Cat-Friendly Home Ideas

Your cat is part of your family, so before moving into your new luxury home purchased from GC Mansions, why not turn it into a modern and cat-friendly home? It’s the nature of cats to crawl around small spaces or walk on elevated spots. They also love to have fun. Why not design your interiors with an indoor cat interior in mind?

You can transform a room

You can choose a room in your luxury home and transform it into the cat’s bedroom and playground. Be sure to select a room that won’t absorb excessive noise from the outside. It can be a spare bedroom or a spare storage room, but the important thing is, it isn’t used anymore. Make use of the space by putting up wall climbing shelves, ceiling walk boards and bridges, cat tree, scratching post, and a comfy bed.

Upgrade your office space

Aside from the cat room, your feline will always hang out where you work. So your cat won’t bother you so much, add a comfy bed, wall cubby or wall cove, climbing shelves, and a scratching post to keep it busy.

Install feline-friendly flooring

In the cat room, and wherever the cat loves to dart and romp around, make sure you have durable and pet-safe flooring options like luxury vinyl or non-slip flooring. This will also make things easier to clean should the cat make a mess. It also protects your cat. Save your carpets for the bedrooms or the living room.

Store away all cat essentials

Cats have a curious nature and love to explore and sniff around. This is their way to mark their territory with their pheromones while keeping an eye out for any food. Make sure all cat food and other cat treats are sealed in containers and kept safe in a cabinet or pantry where the cat can’t get into.

Designate only one meal area

Be sure to designate the cat’s eating area only in one place because cats like to have their meals in calm locations (and near the kitchen, if possible). Always keep their food and water dish separate, and keep their eating area far away from their litter box. 

Add catwalks and cubbies to the walls

Cats love heights. It has something to do with their hunting instincts. Provide wall platforms, shelves, and even cubbies throughout the house (if you can) where they can run and climb around without bothering the humans down below. Make the cubbies comfortable so the cat can curl in or rest or hide.

GC Mansions

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