Gold Coast Mansions: Retro-Style Designs and Interiors for Any Modern Luxury Homes

Every several years, retro designs make a comeback or are rehashed and mixed with modern designs. From the oversized light fixtures of the 50s, the psychedelic prints of the 70s, to the mixed colours of the 80s, retro-style designs and interiors are once again making a comeback, especially for modern luxury homes. 

20th Century living room

Put a 70s daybed in the living room reupholstered in orange tweed fabrics. Add some retro striped camping blankets on the sofa. Beside it, place a burgundy leather armchair reminiscent of the 70s.

Create a retro entryway

Create a retro entryway for your luxury home by adding a couple of iron and leather industrial benches. Decorate with an analogue clock and an old sports pendant. For storage around or under the benches, use mid-century wicker baskets.

Vintage home office furniture

For a vintage home office, purchase an old 20th Century wooden desk. Use vintage or retro bookcases made of wood, rattan, or bamboo. Wall and desk decorations must be retro 20th-century decors, figurines, miniatures, and print frames, including a vintage desk lamp.

Black and white floor tiles for the kitchen

This is how the 70s and 80s kitchens looked like. The checker black and white floor is reminiscent of vintage diners. You can give the kitchen the full retro flavour by painting the whole interior white.

Decorate shelves and rooms with retro toys

Remember those robot toys, toy soldiers, Matchbox vehicles, Dinky toys, and other retro toys of your childhood? Why not scrounge around flea markets and garage sales because a lot of people are getting rid of these toys at cheap prices. 

Make modern furniture look retro

If you’re the type who loves made to order furniture, look for some retro furniture designs and have them made using modern materials. You can have these done for sofas, living room chairs, dining tables and chairs, and coffee tables. Very soon, your entire home will be filled with delightful retro furniture.

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