Gold Coast Mansions: Trending Home Designs During the Pandemic

Gold Coast Mansions Trending Home Designs

Gold Coast Mansions real estate offers low deposit solutions for our brand new luxurious dream homes. During the Cold War, homes were designed to be inhabited as a primary defence against epidemics. In the 1980s, this concept became extinct with the introduction of contemporary home designs. Ironically, the concept of protective homes is making an almost full return with quarantines and lockdowns due to the pandemic. But with an added twist, home designs during the pandemic also have to be practical and comfortable since families will be spending most of their time at home.

Tech Amenities

Many families have opted for “smart” homes by having smart home systems installed or upgrading old systems. It makes being quarantined at home more comfortable while attaining a certain amount of health safety. Alexa or Google can be programmed to take temperatures when family members enter the house. Doors and locks can easily be controlled from a phone, along with heaters, air-conditioning, and lighting at night. Once again, the home becomes a protector against the outside world.

More Walls, Less Glass

Contemporary homes pre-pandemic featured a lot of picture windows. Now, families seem to prefer less glass and more walls. Glass surfaces need to be cleaned often against viruses. Walls don’t. Glass windows can also be cleaned faster. Inside, walls offer more opportunities for decorations or to install more storage space.

Home Office Space and Furniture

Employees today have been made to work from home because of the pandemic. As a result, a dedicated space at home for working is needed, separate from normal family activities. Aside from this dedicated home workspace, home office furniture such as a work desk and ergonomic chair is necessary for those long work hours.

GC Mansions

If you’re still staying at a high-rise apartment or condo, perhaps it’s time to move to your dream home that is safer and more comfortable while living through these pandemic times. Comfortable Gold Coast Mansions and Homes from GC Mansions. We can even help you find your dream location anywhere on the Gold Coast. To get pre-qualified for your new home, visit the GC Mansions website today at