Gold Coast Mansions: What is In a Maximalist Mansion?

You’ve all heard or seen what minimalist can be – for instance, a minimalist luxury home, minimalist living room designs, or minimalist decoration ideas. But when a home becomes maximalist, what do you find inside? Are you thinking of super-large mansions of A-list stars such as Russel Crowe, Chris Hemsworth, and Hugh Jackman? Well, that’s why these homes are called “mansions.”

Large house, large area, large price

A maximalist mansion is huge. You’re looking at homes between 7,000 and 10,000 square feet, and this is just the house. The grounds surrounding the house can be just as humongous. And with this large size comes a hefty price as well. Of course, if you want to live in a mansion, you should be able to afford one.

Maximalist mansions load up on colour

It’s common for maximalist mansions to have rooms and areas with walls painted in different colours. It’s also common to see decorations in many colours that also clash with the primary wall colours. For instance, throw pillows are decorated in different bright colours instead of just a single uniform colour.

Walls are full of art

Aside from decorations, walls in almost every room are covered with artwork for different maximalist effects. Maximalist mansion walls aim to fill walls with as much artwork or paintings as possible. 

Maximalist mansions mean comfort

Of course, a mansion means filling it up with comfortable furniture. Not just any decorative furniture; each room must be comfortable enough if any occupant decides to stay/sit/lay in that room. The need for comfort means that rooms have comfortable (and often large) furnishings such as oversized sofas and are decorated with floor and throw rugs of different colours and designs.

GC Mansions

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