How to Choose Exterior Paint Colours for Gold Coast Mansions

Picking exterior house paint colours can be terrifying, that is if you don’t know how to go about it. If you choose a boring colour, your house will look flat and featureless. But, if you choose a colour that’s too bold, your house registers on every satellite flying over. There is an abundance of exterior colours to choose from, but instead of finding difficulty, here are a few proven tips in choosing what colours suit your home.

Get the inspiration

Look around the neighbourhood and see what colours catch your eye, and what you don’t like. Ask your family what colours they like. Browse through home magazines and décor blogs with your other half. You can compromise colours if you can’t decide on just one.

Consider the lighting

Check the amount of sunlight your home receives and if it is facing north, east, west, or south. This can dramatically change the way paint colour appears. Shade trees near your property can also make an impact on the overall appearance of paint colour.

Complement your roof’s colour

When analysing your exterior colour scheme, don’t forget to consider the roof colour. Don’t choose colours that will clash with the roof colour. You may want to seek help for this from a professional painting contractor.

Try samples on your home

Having your exterior painted by a painting contractor won’t be cheap, so it’s important that you request the contractor to try samples that you have both selected and agreed on. This way you can test and see how the house colours will look at different times of the day.  

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