Ideas for Big Bedroom Layouts for Your Gold Coast Mansions

If you think that large bedroom layouts are easy to figure out because of the big space, think again. It’s not just getting a large bed, pushing it to the wall, flanking it with a couple of nightstands, and having a dresser pushed to another wall. You need to make your big bedroom layout not only coherent and functional, but also cosy and comfortable.

Have more storage

If your room needs more storage, you can maximise the big space by first getting really high or really large dressers and cabinets. You can try flanking your bed with a couple of tallboys. You can also have shelves or wall cabinets built or installed.

Have a window seat or strategize the window view

Do you have glass windows with a terrific view? Add a small narrow bench alongside one window with a few pillows. The objective is not to block the view, so try condensing your bed and other furniture to one side of the room. 

Fill up the space

Most of the time, even with a large bed, a big bedroom has a lot of unused space especially at the foot of the bed. This makes the room feel cold and empty. Try adding a small sofa, daybed, or bench at the foot of the bed to give the room another layer while adding functionality. You can also add more storage functionalities or decoration shelves to fill up space.

Add elements of warmth

So a large bedroom will not feel cold, add an upholstered chair or bench. To break up the square edges and hard surfaces of storage pieces, use plants, art, or pillows to break those up.

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