Just a Few Pool House Ideas for Gold Coast Mansions

If you just bought a luxury house (preferably from GC Mansions) and it has a pool, but no pool house, or you’re not satisfied with the existing pool house, you can design your own pool house before you have it constructed (or renovated). Use our ideas as tips in designing your dream pool house.

Have bar space

Whether you drink liquor or not is beside the point because your visitors might drink. And it’s still space where all types of cool drinks are prepared or stored. Have a ceiling fan over the area to keep it cool. You can have the storage cabinets constructed to include the bar fridge hidden away.

Have space for storage

The pool house should provide enough storage for everything needed inside, including all the maintenance stuff for the pool. But make sure the storage is separate from the sitting area or living quarters.

Use durable materials

Think ‘beach house’ for the pool house materials because beach houses always use sturdy and durable materials to outlast the salty air. Also, make sure all furniture and tables can withstand getting wet from people emerging from the water.

Forget the rugs

Wet feet and dripping bodies going in and out of the pool house means you need to forego any rugs if you want to keep the floors easy to clean. Porcelain and ceramic tiles make great options, or you can choose simple natural stone or rustic concrete. For sturdier materials, there is brick, or the tiles you used to deck the pool and just continue it into the pool house.

Most of all, make it a guest house

Make the pool house big enough to serve as a guest cottage. This can even double as a home office if you’re tired of working inside your home. If you’re using it this way, you can simply take a dip after work. If used for guests, it means you can still keep your privacy while serving your visitors well. They may also like it because they can easily take a dip in the pool right away.

Gold Coast Mansions

Before you can think of pool houses, you might want to first search for your dream luxury home among the Gold Coast mansions for sale. All you need is to contact GC Mansions, and we can help you find your perfect dream home complete with all the luxuries you have imagined, including a pool and finally having that pool house. Visit us today at http://gcmansions.com/.