Just Moved into Your New Gold Coast Mansions Home? Here are Tips to Organise Your Garage

After you move into your new home, there is a tendency for the garage to become cluttered. If a garage is not properly organised it can start attracting unwanted critters from the outside like rats, spiders, and insects that prefer dark spaces. Keeping a clean and organised garage provides good air circulation and keeps the family vehicle protected and clean as well. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you keep your garage decluttered.

Start cleaning out the garage

The reason you keep the garage well organised is so you can park your vehicle inside. After all, foremost, the garage is for the vehicle. So, make sure you set aside at least a full day to clean out and organise the garage. Go through absolutely everything; every single box you haven’t yet unpacked when you moved in. Sort items in three piles: For storage, Donate or Sell, and Rubbish.

Items you shouldn’t keep in your garage

  • Expired household chemicals.
  • Paint (if possible, throw away left-over paint you no longer need).
  • Propane tanks (these should be kept outdoors).
  • Pet food (possums and other animals can sniff it out. Keep in sealed containers inside).

Keep everything off the floor

Storage cabinets and other storage shelving and bins should be kept off the floor. This keeps everything protected from moisture damage and unwanted critters. They also won’t get wet if you need to hose down the garage floor.

Stack bins vertically to save floor space

When constructing and installing storage towers for bins, like the other cabinets, keep them off the floor. Depending on the size of the bins, construct the shelves no higher than five high. If you use good wood for the shelves, the sides can be utilised using utility hooks to hang lightweight equipment and fishing rod holders.

Utilise every possible wall space

Use all possible spaces on the walls by installing open shelves, pegboards, and utility hooks. Wire shelving is the best for garages.

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