Silver Colour Interior Decoration Ideas for Gold Coast Mansions and Homes

A silver colour scheme or decorating with silver colour brings to mind visions of glamour or a winter’s day. Silver can be used to decorate from formal to casual, flashy, or just subtle. It can be immensely enjoyed or just left in the background. However, some people have difficulty with silver for interior design while others find it too common. So, how do you do silver decorating ideas that are unique? Here are some quick tips and general ideas.

Quick tips:

  • Silver can work with different colours. Dramatic contrasts such as silver with black, red, and burgundy are a good vibe, or you can choose calming effects such as silver with white and grey.
  • A silver colour scheme for the ceiling will make the ceiling look higher.
  • Group small silver items together when decorating for greater effect.
  • Refurbish old decors, items, and small furniture with silver paint.

Try silver furniture

Try putting a silver sofa as a centrepiece in the living room. Or, you can try a silver L-shaped sectional. You can also use a large silver coffee table. If not, throw in a soft silver patterned rug. 

Try a silver-scheme bathroom

Silver is a colour that can make a bathroom fantastically look clean, tidy, and streamlined. You can have whitewall or tiles with silver accents that reflect light. Or, you can have the storage cabinets and shelves painted in silver. Hanging light fixtures can be in silver.

Large silver mirror

Silver framed mirrors add an extra bit of drama to any bathroom, living room, or any wall with a white or chrome finish. Try looking for silver mirrors with modern twists, or mirrors with a retro scheme.

Silver chandelier

If you want an attention-grabbing silver item in your living room or kitchen, consider a classic silver chandelier. This traditional décor item is given a silver twist, fits into any interior design scheme, and never fails to impress. 

GC Mansions

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