What Defines Gold Coast Mansions? 5 (and more) Must-Have Items for Luxury Homes

If you’re in the market this year for a luxury home, remember that a high price doesn’t define a luxurious mansion-like house. For a home to be truly extravagant, it should be beautifully designed, tastefully elaborate, and most important, have trendy quality features. Most luxury homes may have home spas and pools included, but quality features go beyond that.

First-class technology

For a home to be indeed called “luxury,” it needs to have the latest smart technology. This includes being operational on any gadget app and able to (at least) open and close windows, control security systems, regulate heating and air-conditioning, and even schedule tasks that operate kitchen appliances.

Location really matters

Location has EVERYTHING to do with luxury homes. A vast, open-air, and private remoteness makes a luxury home feel like your own private castle. A luxury home should also be located near a beachfront, on a large ranch property, or near nature, such as forests, mountains, woods, or a lake. 

Open floor plans

Open floor plans make a luxury home spacious and grand, but also open to other possibilities. This means the luxury home can be open to any number of renovations, decorations, and furniture rearrangements. High ceilings and large windows for good natural light are also a must.

High-Tech kitchen and wine cellar

In most luxury homes, the kitchen is the heart of the house. A magnificent kitchen is a must for luxury homes. This means state-of-the-heart modern appliances, commercial-grade cooking appliances, warming draws, walk-in wine fridge or wine cellar, walk-in pantry, and plenty of storage.

Panic room

The only real valuable and priceless items in a luxury home is you and your family. A secret safe room – called a panic room – is essential for maximum safety against weather-related catastrophes, home invasions, and other extreme emergencies.

Other “essential” features and necessities:

  • Dedicated entertainment rooms (gaming and home theatre)
  • Spacious master bedroom
  • Fitness or gym room
  • Spa
  • Walk-in dressing rooms
  • Five-car garage

GC Mansions

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