What is a Basement Bar and What Essential Amenities Do You Need for Gold Coast Mansions?

When you live in expensive Gold Coast mansions or homes, you want to spend your time there. Yet, it’s not very often that you want to spend your evenings at home. What are the options?

Basement Bars in Luxury Gold Coast Mansions and Homes

A basement bar is a great way to get the best of both worlds. You get the luxury of spending time at home and enjoy your personal space while still having some refreshing drinks alone, or later with friends. Either invite some friends over for a dinner party or make use of the bar equipment and create an evening that suits your needs. Since it’s located in the basement, you can also use it to watch sports matches or have movie marathons with family or friends.

Basement bars are becoming more popular. An increasing number of homeowners are looking for ways to turn their unused basements into a bar.

The Amenities You’ll Find in a Luxury Home Basement Bar:

Large basement means space

There are two amenities that make a basement bar work for you: human space and storage space. Installing a bar and kitchen cabinets for the basement bar is the perfect way to have space for the bar, people to move around (since the basement is huge), and some storage space. And instead of wall shelves, use a bookcase for more affordable storage for the glasses and bottles.

Bar counter with seating

Add a counter to the bar with bar stools to create a bar-like atmosphere. For more seating amenities, add a couch, more stools, and a couple or bar chairs.

Don’t forget the fridge

An efficient bar means having a fridge to keep the drinks cold, and for the ice. You can also put other amenities in the fridge like cold cuts or sweets.

Mirror as back wall

Mirrors used as a back wall helps create the illusion of more space and more bottles of liquor. Install your mirror with a beautiful wood styling to give your basement class and style.

Lighting is everything

Give your bar its own special lighting with three or more hanging lights by the bar while having sufficient recessed lighting around the whole room to create a bar atmosphere.

Of course, the large TV and entertainment system

Watching sports or a movie marathon means having a large TV and entertainment system installed and decorated in one part of the room or across the bar. 

Before having a basement bar, find your dream luxury home at Gold Coast Mansions

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